Monday, July 9, 2007

oh the particulars...

My break from myspace blogs...

I guess it's kind of sad that I don't feel comfortable blogging on myspace anymore. Well, it's not that I don't feel comfortable, it's just that myspace blogs seem so...trivial. Myspace in general is pretty trivial actually. It's quite amazing how many people freak out when they get bumped from someone's top friends list. I'm a little guilty at that one, but it only effects me for about a millisecond and then I come to my senses and move on with my life. I've had people call me about it...

"Dude, I'm not cool enough to be on your top friends list anymore? What's up with that?"
"Dude, you realize you just asked my about myspace lists, right?"
"Well I wanna know!"
"You're clearly a bit of a loser."
"But myspace!"

Oh and then there's the myspace whores...the ones who post the chain bulletins and naked pictures and pretend to be something they totally aren't. Annoying.

I dyed my hair the other day.

This is the before:

This is the after:

So. I realized on my way home from work that one "relationship" completely screwed up my entire life. I'm pretty sure irreversibly. It was probably the worst idea I ever had. And I sit here and try to find reasons to make that particular time in my life legitimate, reasons that don't happen to involve in me making a huge mistake, doesn't work. It was my fault. Bah.

I hate the desert. It's too hot.